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Jesus talked extensively about money. As Christ-followers we are called to give a portion of our money to advance the kingdom of God. 


The Bible consists of more than 2500 verses on money. 16 out of the 38 parables in the Bible were about money and possessions

Pay On the App

Download the app and pay directly from your phone. Set up recurring payments or pay once off. Support destiny or any one of MidPoints funds directly.

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Destiny is our building fund to support the development of a new building. We are growing as a family and need space for all our members to hear from God. Consider supporting this fund for 3 years.

Missions Fund


Our missions fund support our local and global missions efforts. To support this mission give directly here.

How Can I Give?

Church App

Download our app and give. You can set up recurring monthly payments or give once off to any one of our funds.


You can deposit cash at the tithing booth next to the information desk.


You can give us a check and drop it off at the church office.


You can give directly on this website by clicking on give. Your payment are safe.

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