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What is Next Steps?

If you are new here to our church and you decide to call MidPoint your home or maybe, hey, you've been here for a while and you're kind of wondering what your next steps are here at the church, This class will talk about the history of the church, who we are at MidPoint, our mission and core values. You'll also discover who you are and who God has called you to be through a personality test and spiritual gifts test to see where you best in in our areas of ministry. 

1.Next Step Class

Midpoint’s path to help you discover your purpose and live the life God created for you. In this six week period, you will get connected to our church by learning our vision, tenants of faith, history, and vision.  

2.Spiritual Development

This is where we will sit down with you and go through personality tests and spiritual gifts tests, you will discover your strengths and learn about the ministries throughout Midpoint.

3.Dream Team

The church exists to serve others. Start making a difference in someone else’s life through serving. We have created Growth Track to help you learn more about Midpoint Church and what role on our dream team will suit your God-given gifts best.

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